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自打iMac、Macbook Air都升级Lion系统之后,总会时不时的出现Dock进程CPU跑满的问题。尝试解决了很多次,也没法彻底解决。

前几天终于怒了,挨个关应用程序,最后在关闭VMware Fusion之后,Dock占用的CPU归零了。


For anyone who can reproduce this,

I am a developer on the VMware Shared Folders feature, and sorry for the slow response in getting to this.

Please could someone enable the Shared Folders sharing again for the Windows VM and then suspend or shutdown the VM.
Quit Fusion and then edit the vmx file for the VM and add the following line if does not already exist (which it should not):
isolation.tools.hgfs.notify.enable = "FALSE"
(The file resides in the same folder along with all the files for the VM, is the same name as the name of the VM and ends with the extension ".vmx".)

Restart Fusion, restart the VM, ensuring that it has had a reboot if you suspened and didn't shut the VM down.
See if the problem reappears again.

From the descriptions that I have read, and system log events that occured, it seems that the directory change notification feature may be the cause of the issue. This feature monitors file system events on the host and notifies applications running in the VM, such as Windows Explorer so they can refresh their cached information of directory contents automatically. We poll the fsevents for this and Apple may have changed this and caused the feature to break.

Since it has not been reproduced in house so far from what I can tell, disabling this feature would help us narrow down the cause and maybe discover what Apple have changed.

具体的方案是修改和VMware Fusion虚拟机同名的.vmx文件,比如我的文件名就是Windows XP Professional.vmx,在文件内新增一行

isolation.tools.hgfs.notify.enable = "FALSE"

PS:经过三天的使用,再没出现Dock进程CPU跑满的现象,另外Parallels Desktop也同样会出现问题,需要升级。

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